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terrykemplermusic: Links

Hollow Density Band

Upbeat rock project with Scott Law singing and providing lyrics to my hard edged guitar oriented songs.  Influences range from Scorpions, Dio, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, and more!

TK Wizard

I love acoustic guitars. I love dance music or anything with upbeat rhythms. I love instrumentals. So, I combined the acoustic guitars with techno or rock/pop beats. No vocals. The results have been very interesting and successful. The TK Wizard music has become very popular and I really enjoy creating it.

B&T Express

Different styles on this trip including acoustic, rock, pop, and cool jamming.

Circio's Rapture

Circio's Rapture is a mixture of electronic music and electric guitars. The songs vary from melody oriented, heavy electronic, to soundtracks. All CDs contain elements of electronica although the latest projects feature more guitars. Some tunes can be almost "normal" sounding with subtle twists of sounds. All instrumental. Each CD is recorded, mixed, and mastered with sonic clarity utilizing true digital format and audio dynamics.

Erplosis Daet

Screaming vocals, twin guitar attack, keyboards, bass and drums. Very extreme stuff. Listen at your own risk.

Space Band

I co-founded the Space Band along with my friend Brian Harrison. The band lasted about 10 years in the Maryland area and released one classic record.

Sprinkles Of Happiness

Children's CD - Original children's songs suitable for the whole family. Lots of fun!

Scott Law

Scott Law is an outstanding Maryland singer and songwriter. He also plays guitar and writes very interesting and in depth song lyrics. Scott composes very catchy melodies and his repertoire ranges from acoustic folk music to full blown rock. His first CD, "Plague Of Love" has a great mix of songs with various band arrangements including drums, bass, keyboards, 12 - string guitars, acoustic, and electric guitars. Scott's a fine singer and was able to incorporate vocal harmonies on many of the tunes. No filler songs on this CD. Each song stands up on it's own. Through out the recording sessions, I always felt a positive vibe with Scott. His lyrics are carefully thought out with no lines wasted. Some of his phrases are heart felt, some are forlorn, and he always manages a sense of something good will come out of the situation. I produced and mixed all the tracks on the CD. I also played some keyboards, bass, and tons of acoustic and electric guitars. We collaborated on all the tunes (what a team!). And, I helped a tiny bit with lyrics and vocals. Scott and I really had a ball making this CD and he has a second album called "See the Strings".   Also, his latest CD (3rd) called "There's For Thy Pains" which I think is his best!  All CDs all available.


My first solo CD which is kinda alternative sounding. Features some Space Band songs that were never recorded by the band.

The TK Trilogy

Under The Radar

The first project in the Triology which is heavily keyboard oriented.  Catchy melodies with awesome synth tones.  Oh yea, some guitar parts sprinkled throughout.  Easy and fun listening.

Cosmic Deliberations

The 2nd instrumental CD in the Trilogy with more guitars and the usual "unusual" arrangements.

Sanctity Of Sanity

The 3rd in my instrumental trilogy of eclectic rock style songs.